TAPE at the RSA – April 2021

The Translation and Polyglossia project will co-organise a double panel at the 2021 RSA virtual conference (April 2021). Organisers: Agnès Lafont and Laetitia Sansonetti: https://www.rsa.org/blogpost/1860861/352358/Figures-of-Polyglossia-in-British-Early-Modern-Culture

The programme will be out soon: https://www.rsa.org/page/Virtual2021

Here is our lineup of speakers:

Panel “Figure of Polyglossia – 1”

1. Doomsday and language learning: John Clerk’s De Mortuorum Resurrectione (1545)(Presenter: Michele Piscitelli)

2. French Political Satire and the Textual Presence of the Commedia dell’Arte in Sixteenth-Century England (Presenter: Tom Roberts)

3. Polyglossia and Nonsense (Presenter: Hugh Roberts)


Panel “Figures of Polyglossia – 2”

1. English polyglot dramatic manuscripts and theatrical bookkeepers: what can be learned from their scribal practices? (Presenter: Daniel Yabut)

2. ‘Textual representations of foreign accents in early modern comedies’ (Presenter: Josefina Venegas Meza)

3. Passports to the Past? Polyglossia in Latin translations of Chaucer and Spenser (Presenter: Katherine Mennis)



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